Focus & Scope

Skop Journal Of Public Health is the result of research on health and society.

JPH focuses on publishing original research results that have not been published anywhere else. Issues published by JPH include the development of public health science: AKK, Health Promotion, K3, Health Biostatistics, Pro-Republic Health, Nutrition, Environmental Health, and Epidemiology.

JPH is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal, which is published twice a year by the Public Health Study Program, University of Fort De Kock Bukittinggi. Published journals are scientific articles resulting from research in the scope of applied science and education with a focus on issues in the field of applied science and technology including the development of public health knowledge. JPH is open to the academic world and higher education researchers, research institutes, librarians, and master's and doctoral students to share information on research results. JPH is positioned as a forum for academics and practitioners to share scientific information about research results.

JPH's goal is to provide original, relevant, and up-to-date research information from various disciplines, with high integrity, and provide effective needs for other social scientists in accordance with the scope of JPH to provide open access scientific research articles to support each other. global knowledge exchange.